Carsten Mehring

Book Chapters and Journal Publications

Book Chapters

BC-1: Nonlinear Two-Dimensional Symmetric Traveling Wave Distortion of a Thin Liquid Sheet (with W.A. Sirignano). Dynamics of Exothermicity, special honorific volume for A.K. Oppenheim, Editors: x. y. zzz and z. y. zzz. Combustion Science and Technology book series, Gordon and Breach. Chapter 19, pp. 585-613, 1991.
BC-2: Disintegration and Distortion of Liquid Streams. (with W.A. Sirignano). Liquid Rocket Combustion Devices: Aspects of Modleing, Analysis and Design., Ch. 7, pp. 331-362. Editor: x. y. zzz. AIAA Progress in Astronautics and Aeronautics book series, x y z Publishing Company, 1992.
BC-3: Dynamics of Free Liquid Films. Recent Research Developments in Fluid Mechanics , Editor: x. y. zzz. Series in Fluid Dynamics, 5 , Transworld Research Network. Ch. xx, pp. xx-yy.
Journal Articles

JA-1: C. Mehring, “Engineering Simulation Takes Flight,” ANSYS Advantage Magazine , Vol. VI , Issue 2 , pp.41-45, 2012
JA-2: C. Mehring & W.A. Sirignano, “Capillary stability of modulated swirling liquid films,” Atomization & Sprays , Vol. 14 , No. 5 , pp. 1-40, 2004.
JA-3: C. Mehring, J. Xi & W.A. Sirignano, “Dynamic stretching of a planar liquid bridge,” Physics of Fluids , Vol. 16 , No. 3 , pp. 728-747, 2004.
JA-4: C. Mehring & W.A. Sirignano, “Liquid film disintegration from twin-fluid atomizers,” Physics of Fluids , Vol. 15 , No. 5 , pp.1158-1177, 2002
JA-5: C. Mehring & W.A. Sirignano, “Nonlinear capillary waves on swirling, axisymmetric free liquid films,” Int. J. Multiphase Flow , Vol. 27 , pp. 1707-1734, 2001
JA-6: W.A. Sirignano & C. Mehring, “Review of theory of distortion and disintegration of liquid streams,” Prog. Eng. and Comb. Science , Vol. 26 , pp. 609-655, 2000.
JA-7: C. Mehring & W.A. Sirignano, “Axisymmetric capillary waves on thin annular liquid sheets. Part II: Spatial development,” Physics of Fluids , Vol. 12 , No. 6 , pp. 1440-1460, 1999.
JA-8: Mehring & W.A. Sirignano, “Axisymmetric capillary waves on thin annular liquid sheets. Part I: Temporal Stability,” Physics of Fluids , Vol. 12 , No. 6 , pp. 1417-1439, 1999.
JA-9: C. Mehring & W.A. Sirignano, “Nonlinear capillary wave distortion and disintegration of thin planar liquid sheets,” J. Fluid Mech. , Vol. 388 , pp. 69-113, 1999.
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