First Clinical Testing of Gait Training Robots at Dr. Susan Harkema's Locomotion Laboratory at UCLA

For the following movies, the human trainers manually stepped the subjects before making the movies, and the robot recorded the stepping pattern in "backdrive" mode (i.e. the robot followed the trainer-applied motions with little resistance).  Both subjects had little ambulation ability, and were classified as ASIA B or C.  In the beginning of the movies, the robots are in backdrive mode, and the trainers control the stepping.  Then the robots switch to power-assist mode and replay the pre-recorded hip and/or leg trajectories.  When power-assist mode begins, the human trainers need only to help guide the legs with minimal assistance (e.g. to prevent foot drop and foot crossing with POGO, and, in the case of ARTHuR in the second video, to manually assist in knee extension during stance).  Note that PAM/POGO assists pelvic motion and both legs, while ARTHuR only assists one leg (we haven't built a second side yet).

Testing of PAM/POGO Gait Training Robot with SCI Subject  (Ph.D. project of Daisuke Aoyagi)

Testing of ARTHuR Leg Robot with SCI Subject (Ph.D. project of Jeremy Emken)

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